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Will A Pool Increase The Value Of My Home?

Summer is officially here!

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Charlotte, then you know how refreshing a trip to the pool can be. When it comes to having a backyard oasis, is it an obstacle or feature in the real estate world?

The short answer is that having a pool can boost your home’s value by 7% according to Houselogic estimates. That’s a great boost but there are some exceptions.

For starters, it helps if you live in a neighborhood where the majority of your neighbors also have pools. It becomes more of an expectation than a luxury especially in high-end neighborhoods.

Additionally, it’s important that your pool doesn’t take up your entire backyard space. Potential buyers want a pool and a back yard that they can use year round which brings up another good point- location.

Luckily, the Charlotte climate is a warmer climate so we are able to get good use out of the investment.

Thinking of adding a pool in order to increase the value of your home? Don’t. Add a pool because you want a pool but don’t rely on getting that 7% boost or even getting your money back.

Be sure to look into all of the costs like fencing, maintenance, heaters, pumps, and other essentials so you have a better understanding of the financial commitment.

Happy 4th of July!